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Fire Magick

I am happiest working with the element of fire. Of all the elements, it is the one I am most drawn to. Flame and smoke, fire is power in its rawest form. I use flame to commune with Spirit and Source, to manifest, in every ritual, to cleanse and bless and charge. I draw its energy into my palms and feel its power run like electricity through my entire body.

Fire is sun and light and stars. It is the element of transformation, of creativity, inner strength and vital health. Flames can be read, to divine answers, to communicate beyond the veil. I work with flame when creating my sacred blends, consecrating each offering for its owner. It activates oil, and incense and the burning of herbs to release the energies into your space, and into you.

Fire is associated with the waxing moon, the time of renewed hope and inspiration, the time of manifesting and vision. Fire herbs are hibiscus, nettle, basil, cinnamon, juniper and patchouli. Fire is Helios, Freya, Brigit & Mars.

Fire is the element of Life eternal.

Candle Magick and Correspondences

Monday: the Moon. Luna & Selene. Silver candles. Spells for prophetic dreams & positive communication. Anoint with lavender or jasmine oil.

Tuesday: Mars. Red candles. Spells for courage. Anoint with ginger or clove oils.

Wednesday: Mercury. Orange candles. Spells for help with business, expansion & career. Anoint with frankincense or patchouli oils.

Thursday: Jupiter & Juno. Thor. Blue candles. Spells for prosperity & abundance. Anoint with rosemary oil.

Friday: Freya, Venus & Aphrodite. Pink candles. Spells for love, romance and fertility. Anoint with rose or ylang ylang oil.

Saturday: Saturn. Purple candles. Spells for intentions and psychic wisdom. Anoint with sandalwood oil.

Sunday: the Sun. Yellow and gold candles. Spells for banishing negative energies and inviting in healing energies, rejuvenation and positivity. Anoint with neroli or sage oil.

White candles can always be used in place of colours and are just as effective.

Black candles are mainly used for hexing and banishment. Tread carefully with this type of magick. I choose not to work in this way, and stay in the light, always. Focusing on positive steps to improve your lot is rewarded by Source and more preferable than malevolence. Never use a candle spell against another person. An ye harm none, do as ye will.

1. Take a fresh candle. Carve your personal sigil, power sigils, or any symbol that means something to you down the candle.

2. Anoint with oil.

3. Light, gaze into the flame, and visualize the outcome you desire. Feel the emotions of what gaining this would mean to you. See yourself living it.

4. Write on a slip of paper a few words asking for what you seek. Mark this paper with your sigil. Burn the paper in the flame. Make sure to have a cauldron, censer or heatproof container by your candle to place it into.

5. Say a prayer to your goddess, ascended master, or corresponding deity depending on what day of the week it is. Give thanks with sincere gratitude.

6. Keep an eye on your candle while it burns. You will get a clue as to the outcome of your spell by the movement of the flame. If the flame burns steady, even and clean, Source has heard you, is in agreement, and your manifested wishes will likely be granted to you. If the flame spits, burns unevenly, the candle itself warps, or the flame splits into two or three, you are going against what is meant to be and this is the not the time to ask for this.

I have not included any green candle spells for money here because I do not believe that actual physical resources can be taken from one source and placed in your bank account. I believe it is greedy and incorrect to ask for hard cash from the Universe. It is better to ask for abundance, and aid with your finances, than demanding money. A gentle plea for financial assistance is more likely to be granted. Remember to always be grateful, and believe in your spell. You may not get the exact outcome you wanted; the Universe will give you what you need at this time, which may turn out to be better for you in the long run, and a true blessing.

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