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Herb of the Month: Blackberry leaf

Blackberry leaf is a herb sacred to the goddess Brigid, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, who we honoured at Imbolc on the first day of this month. The herb is ruled by Venus, Scorpio and the element of Water.

Blackberry leaf has been used in folk medicine throughout history, having a high nutritional content of Vitamin C and K, and flavonoid compounds that boost the immune system.

Drinking an infusion of blackberry leaf helps end colds, being an expectorant. Expectorants are herbs that help loosen mucus in the throat, and ease coughs, making her a great ally to keep close at this time of year. She is loaded with antioxidants, including polyphenols, that help fight free radical damage within the body. Drinking her leaves can also help lessen pain from abdominal cramping.

Gather blackberry leaves as the Moon wanes to use in protection rituals and spells. Use the leaves as offerings to Brigid at Imbolc or any time you wish to honour her. Working with the goddess energy of blackberry leaf will support you through your journey in both health and spirit.

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