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Iced Lavender & Elderflower Tea

The elder trees of the Cotswolds are so close to blossoming fully. I’ve been waiting patiently for my tree in the garden to explode with delicious, fragrant elderflower to drink in teas and make magickal potions with!

Here is a delicious and simple recipe for making fragrant iced lavender and elderflower tea. Refreshing and luxurious on a beautiful hot afternoon, elderflower combines so well with lavender in blends.

You will need:

Dried lavender

Fresh elderlower blossom


Fill a large jar, jug or similar with roughly two handfuls each of lavender and elderflower. Pour over with boiling water to the top of your vessel. Leave to steep for around 20 minutes then place in the fridge for an hour or so. Then strain and pour yourself a lovely glass or chilled tea over ice. Add lavender and elderflower to garnish if you have enough. This is also a delicious mixer for gin, vodka, and even dark rum depending on what you’ve got in the cupboard.

This chilled tea is also refreshing for sundrenched skin. Pour any leftovers in a mist bottle and spritz your skin after a hot day, to hydrate and cool down. You will smell divine!

Tip - use the leftover herb in the bath in a sachet or loose. This is where most of our used herb material ends up in my house! Then compost in the garden or leave as an offering to the faeries!

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