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Immune-Boosting Botanical Cold Infusion

At this time of year, when the earth has finally woken up, we can find many herbal allies to support our health in the hedgerows. Today I grabbed the dog and hit the fields to find ingredients for a cold infusion. I foraged early chickweed and cleavers, and threw in some fresh hawthorn buds, young nettles and new growth blackberry leaves.

Cleavers drunk as a cold infusion boosts the body’s immune system by cleansing the lymphatic system and acts as an alterative, a herb that increases the overall health and vitality of the body system by encouraging the organs to eliminate toxins. Witchin’ Fact: cleavers is a herb of Water and the Moon which probably doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at its functions and how it works.

Chickweed is a great tonic for Spring time, also cleansing the lymphatic system. It’s great drunk as a cold infusion and also delicious in salads. Early hawthorn buds are another tonic that assist the heart’s functions. When we look at pagan lore, the whole hawthorn tree, berry, blossom and leaf, is associated with matters of the heart, both physical and emotional.

Young, fresh nettles are full of iron and vitamin C, and Susan Weed says “Drinking a glass of cold nettle infusion pumps so much nourishment into the blood; you’ll feel invigorated in just a few days.” I threw in a few blackberry leaves as well for their antioxidant properties.

The herbs were washed, rough chopped and infused in mason jars. I’ll refrigerate them overnight, strain the herb matter out tomorrow morning and enjoy a fresh, cold cup of Spring botanical magick.

This is so easy to make, these herbal friends are everywhere right now, and such a good support to the immune system which we all need to take extra care of right now. And it’s completely free! Remember to ask the plants for their permission before you gather them and give thanks to the Mother for her bounty!

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