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The Vernal Equinox is nearly upon us. Spring has definitely arrived in my little corner of the world - the birds are more vocal, the blossom of the blackthorn, apple and cherry trees are abundant, our useful herbal friends are starting to make an appearance, and the days are getting longer and warmer.

Ostara is the celebration of fertility, of the return of the bounty of the Mother, and we honour Eostre, Goddess of the Dawn. Her symbols are the hare, a symbol of the moon, and the egg, symbolic of fertility and abundance, the renewal of life.

The best way to celebrate Ostara is simply being in nature, taking pleasure in being alive. Walk through the woods and meadows and spot new growth on the trees, the buds on the hawthorn, the smell of wild garlic lingering on the breeze.

We can honour Eostre by lighting a candle to her, yellow to represent the sun, or pale green for nature’s abundance. I will be wearing our Sun oil, using it in ritual to anoint my candles, which will be dressed with fresh greenery from outside and blossom from the thorn thickets. Work with citrine and calendula to tap into the joyful, positive energy that Ostara brings. I wish you a blessed Equinox. It is a time to enjoy, and forget the fearmongering and anxiety sweeping the world. We must continue to look after our Earth so she can keep looking after us.

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