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Rosemary Protection Oil

I love rosemary. She’s a staunch ally and protectress. I have her hanging everywhere at home, above my bed, on my doors, and in huge bundles ready to get to work. I have a lovely bush in the garden and also round up lonely packets of rosemary in the discount sections of supermarkets because the idea of her ending up in the trash makes me sad.

Rosemary macerated in olive oil makes a rich, protective oil that can be used for so many purposes. It is well known as an effective hair oil but can also be used on the skin to improve hydration and elasticity. It’s incredibly simple to make, as rosemary dries quickly once harvested and doesn’t need too much prepping. For this reason, she also makes excellent smoke sticks and delicious incense.

Burn rosemary to cleanse and purify your space, removing stagnant energy and clearing pathways for manifestation. I use her to amplify the properties of other herbs I burn for various uses, as she works well with everyone.

Rosemary is an interesting herb in terms of correspondences. She was once considered a Goddess herb, linked with Aphrodite and Ascended Master Mary Magdalen. Now she is considered Masculine/Solar/Leo but I personally find her to be a super feminine herb in spirit. Just my personal opinion.

Finally, I always use rosemary as a Ritual Bath at every significant Turn of the Wheel, using both fresh herb, oil and essential oil. When I get out, after soaking her up for as long as I can, I dry my skin with a towel, visualising removing anything I do not want to carry with me through the next season.

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