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The Magic of Essential Oils - Part Two

Oils for Immunity

The volatile oils contained with herbs are the catalyst for many of their healing properties. This is why essential oils can be used to protect ourselves against bacteria and pathogens when applied topically. They can also be diffused throughout the house, cleansing the air of any lurking viruses and added to homemade cleaning products, as a natural method of sterilisation against harmful bacteria. Here are a few example of essential oils that can help win the fight against illness.

Tea tree is a strong antibacterial EO, stimulating the immune system and encouraging the body to protect itself against foreign invaders. It can act as a shield against bacteria when applied topically.

Lavender has been used for a thousand years and more as a cleansing ally. It is named after the Latin word lavare, to wash and the Romans used to bathe in lavender scented waters to keep fresh. It is a natural antibacterial ally and disinfectant. It can also help the body protect itself against pathogenic invaders, keeping viruses at bay.

Lemon EO is high in limonene, a compound which supports white blood cell production, fundamental in keeping a strong immune system. It can help the body fight off all types of microbes. Lemongrass can be used as a disinfectant through diffusing and added to natural cleaning products. Frankincense and eucalyptus both stimulate the immune system at a cellular level to combat disease. Rosemary strengthens the body and can help prevent the onset of viruses, while boosting resistance against illness.


Safety notes:

As all these oils have strong antibacterial qualities, make sure they are safely diluted in a carrier oil. Do not use them neat on the skin as they are likely to sting and cause irritation. And please for love of all that’s holy, do not ingest essential oils! Use an actual lemon on your salads, not lemon essential oil! EOs contain such concentrated plant matter, a few drops of lemon for example is the equivalent to two whole lemons, which is far too acidic for the body to filter and process and could cause organ failure. When diffusing EOs, make sure to keep your pets in a different room as the strong vapours can irritate their eyes and noses.

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