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The Magick of Essential Oils - Part One

Oils for Managing Stress & Anxiety

There’s no need to preach to the converted, all of my lovely friends and followers are well aware of the benefits of aromatherapy to temper and heal the stresses and anxieties of everyday life and these difficult times we are traversing. Aromatherapy is essential scientific - essential oils stimulate scent receptors in the nose which send messages up to the limbic system in the brain which controls and regulates emotional response to external influences, including stress and anxiety flare ups.

Everyone will have their own personal scents that literally feel like a caress in the brain. I certainly do; there are those certain scents that, even in the hardest times, feel like an enveloping embrace and make you feel instantly uplifted and supported. Less alone. These experiences over time lead me down the path to creating Star Ametrine and capturing these embraces to help us all.

Today I will list a few of my favourite EOs that I find really combat stress levels on a deep level, working to untie those knots and calm the nervous system. This list is not complete; if you have any favourites I have not mentioned, please share your stories in the comments below.

Lavender is an anxiolytic and sedative with interacts with neurotransmitters to hush brain activity and reduce agitation.

Scientific studies have show that Rose oil improves serotonin levels in the brain and relieves physical symptoms of depression.

Some say Vetiver delivers a similar anti-anxiety effect on the body as Valium. In my experience, vetiver instantly relives emotional stress spikes which is why it features heavily in my Grounding Ritual Oil which I never leave the house without.

Frankincense maintains antioxidant capacities in the body without increasing levels of oxidative stress which helps regulates stress management overall.

Bergamot has amazing neurobiological effects that dispel minimise physical symptoms of stress-induced anxiety in the body.

Jasmine stimulates the beta wave power of the nervous system, increasing feelings of wellbeing and lowering levels of negative emotion.

This is just a small example. I personally also love patchouli as a stress minimiser. Many EOs have been reported to have similar effects on the brain as Valium. No wonder we love them so!

Star Ametrine implements all these wonder oils across our line:

Lavender: Sleeping oil, Serenity oil

Patchouli & Rose: Divine Feminine oil

Rose: Aphrodite oil

Frankincense, bergamot & jasmine: Manifesting oil

along with stress relieving, centering and healing crystals. Find us at

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