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Yarrow the Warrior

This Warrior herb of Venus brings healing, protective energies and promoting one’s own personal power. This wondrous herb allows you to connect deeply with her spirit and can become a life long ally. We chose her for our new Tisane, The Moon, for her incredible medicinal and spiritual qualities.

Yarrow helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, also helping reduce cortisol (stress) spikes within the body. She helps reduce inflammation and decreases toxin levels within the body, also working to stimulate the digestive system.

Work with yarrow for outstanding support at Moon time. She has the astonishing ability to lessen heavy flow OR stimulate the uterus to bring on the flow, depending on what you require of her. She is also antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory which can lessen cramping in the pelvic area, and the resulting pain during menstruation.

Yarrow intensifies the medicinal properties of other herbs she is infused with, so making a Moon time blend with other uterine supportive herbs will work to replenish the body’s nutrient levels while lessening physical symptoms.

On a spiritual level, yarrow is associated with the crown chakra, cleansing the aura from crown to root, and strengthening the body’s energy field. Wear her as an Amulet of protection or drink an infusion to strengthen divination practices.

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